Poems by Robert Richter






Sometimes I feel naked, even with my clothes on.This means it will be awhile before I can take them off.Because if i feel naked with them on, without them i will feel raw.Raw like an open wound, picked to prevent to heal,raw like my mindset, my handprints, my will.Steal away in my wrinkled armor, spent with no night times rest,heal myself in the shadows, emerge free, emerge myself. 




Anger bites me like a snake in the dark.Bites my skin, crawls inside, and pumps venom into my heart.The poison does not kill my flesh, it turns my hate to steel,with it moving through my veins, there is nothing that I feel.No remorse, no hesitation, no pause to breath or think,the way I feel about myself runs down the sink.I cannot wait no more to see what on the morn may come,Hell to me is security, welcoming, and done. 




What comes tomorrow? What can yesterday tell?What you have not learned at one time can be taught as you kill.Kill the past and kill regrets that took the wind from your sails,be sure to save the ones you love, be sure to save yourself.Burn the dead and save the ash for in to plant a seed,give it water and give it light, remove hatred and greed.Pay attention as it grows and tend to it well,cause mistakes are made twice when vigilance fails.Tend to it right and give it love, it will outgrow your scars, it will grow out results. 



Copyright © Robert Richter                                                                                                              NEXT

My name is Robert Richter and I am 26 years old. I have never entered any type of writing contest before but I am submitting 3 short poems. I wrote them based on personal feelings and experiences around some major disappointments in my life. So basically they are based on alot of self pity lol. Whatever. Its kinda supposed to be your typical story of endurance and rebirth. The three poems are kind of in a theatrical order in my mind. Anyway each one is supposed to lead to the next one. Like the first one is when something, whatever it is, first happens. The second one is drugs and depression. The last one, rehab lol. I tried to put feelings that alot of people if not everyone could relate to.

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