Poems by François Szabó



Call up
For the years
Along the pain…
But strong enough
To find
In the wide wild space
For a little life
Like a microscopic bird


I find the real choice
That I’ve never dreamt before
I trust in the most
Beautiful sea-seek
Of satisfaction
Because of my
Absolute paradoxal existence.


If you know me,
Why do you ask me a question ?
If you trust in me
Why can’t you live free ?
If :
It’s a death’s power
And too …
A life’s power forever.

Send me your sun
Send me your “I believe in…”
And I’ll tell you
My gratefully-illusion.


It’s a false way
Where I can’t
Give all I want…
But it’s the same
Way for humanity
Like a silent desert.



Copyright © François Szabó


François Szabó, poet who lives in Montpellier (France), writes in Spanish and French but also in Russian, Catalan, Italian and English… Many of his works is about music like “la Fe”, “Dicha de lo dicho”, “El Somni per demà”, “Deux melodies russes”. With the compositors like Jean-Claude Wolff and Ioannis Kourtis.

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