Poems by Laura Townsend


Laura Townsend is an account supervisor for a local marketing firm. She has a diverse background in advertising, marketing, media and promotions that spans 20 years. While her position entails strategic planning and project management, her creative side is expressed through writing poetry and short stories. Laura has a 7-year old son and lives in Austin, Texas.


All Too Often

All too often
I feel it when you breathe
I catch glimpses of your memory
I connect with you in dreams
I try to block regret
for all those lost years
I tried to fill an ocean with
all those useless tears

All too often
I rack my brain
for answers as to why we never last
Yet cannot seem to
separate my present
from our past

All too often
I try to move on
but no one and nothing
ever finds you truly gone




Last night, the dream came¬¬—
slipped in while I slept
a searing heat,
a scorching bed.
A ragged gash
and then I bled—
A gushing river,
Heart-racing fear,
I could not breathe
pain so thick
there’s no relief.
Loss so deep
it reaches Hell
until He whispers
all is well.

Forgive yourself,
mix in those blues
transform this grief
into violet hues.
Paint new scenes,
live now, not then
brush away what
might have been.
Open up to passion’s urge—
a royal purple may emerge.


Now & Then

So much has happened
so little has changed
it’s just that the furniture’s
been rearranged
I fabricate seasons,
hanging artwork on walls-
seascapes, deserts,
exotic ports of call.
Imaginary landscapes-
missing you, all.
Your memory’s a shadow,
lengthening, long
Darkness swallows light,
absence settles in
I wish I’d foreseen this loss,




Copyright © Laura Townsend



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